New Video Alert!

Amarni has teamed up with social celebrity Kali Burns (@Kaliburns) for a new dance video! These girls are only just warming up. Stay Tuned for

Amarni records with international rap star!

That’s right, Amarni is excited to announce she has been busy in the studio working on her debut album “yet to be titled”. Over the past 6 months Amarni has visited studios across Sydney, Los Angeles and Atlanta working on new tracks including a [...]

Amarni to perform live at 2017 Artists showcase!

Amarni is proud to announce that she will be one of only 5 artists selected to perform at the annual Artists 2017 showcase alongside some of the biggest upcoming names in Australian pop. The showcase to be hosted on January 20th at Bondi’s jam gallery [...]

Amarni has video go viral!

A video of Amarni performing a dance choreography with younger brother Zak has gone viral worldwide with more than 200 million recorded views across multiple websites, as well being featured by media heavyweights “Ellen DeGeneres, The Lad Bible, UNILad, [...]